How to Secure Your PES Clinical Experience

No matter the inspiration behind your experience, PES makes securing a clinical experience easy! Book any type of USCE, including medical electives, observerships, externships, clerkships, virtual rotations, and more, all through a single process.
Step 1: Sign Up Icon This icon indicates that students can sign up for international medical clinical rotations


Step 2: Search Icon This step indicates that users can search for medical electives abroad, medical work experience, volunteer programs, clerkships, and observerships in the US.


Step 3: Apply Icon Apply for your US rotation as an img today!


Step 4: Reserve Icon Reserve your medical observership or hands-on rotation to save your spot.


Step 5: Enroll Icon Enroll and find housing, transportation, and insurance to help you get your USCE


Step 6: Rotate Icon Now it's time to complete your rotation as an img!